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Khabib sends message to Conor McGregor & Nate Diaz, TJ Dillashaw vs Henry Cejudo, Ben Askren

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Опубликовано: 2019-01-22T17:09:55.000Z

Продолжительность: 00:10:26

Khabib sends message to Conor McGregor & Nate Diaz, TJ Dillashaw vs Henry Cejudo, Ben Askren UFC News and MMA News
-Luke Thomas was TJ Dillashaw vs Henry Cejudo stopped early?
-Dennis Bermudez had no second thoughts when announcing his retirement
-Khabib says Conor McGregor got dominated and disrespects Nate Diaz
-Ben Askren talks about upcoming fight with Robbie Lawler
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let's talk about that main event whether we think it was stopped too early when you're evaluating a stoppage you know you have to have some kind of criteria by which you are making the call I'm gonna treat it like football where I'll overturn a call if I've got real incontrovertible evidence if I've got a real reason to overturn it then I would.

I'm looking at this and I'm not seeing anything in there that tells me it needed to continue now I'm not suggesting it couldn't have been let go a little bit longer but the point being is did a guy completely pop to his feet not wobble at all no did a guy you know go for a submission and then they stopped it or something like that no he was going for a single leg but that it.

Can often be just sort of aiding the wrestlers instinctual reaction it can also be the kind of very tactical thing that you need a fighter to do in order to be in a position to get ahead and to reclaim the fight but nevertheless the amount of abuse he took in that last 12 seconds was extraordinary and he was kind of hanging on for dear life a little bit it can be hard to parse.

Instinct from tactical decision making and so because it's difficult and not clear and the referee was erring on the side of the fight being finished and therefore fighters safety and therefore the end but also that one person was sort of at one end of this I really don't mind and by the way I don't begrudge TJ Dillashaw for being upset because only he knows how he felt in the.

End and if his team want to pursue an opportunity to have that reviewed I highly encourage them to do that I don't think there's anything wrong with that the point being is this we have to allow latitude for not merely imperfection and that really imprecision but something where we are comfortable with a lack of clarity what we want is total clarity guys the.

Rule is not you got to knock somebody unconscious it's not the rule the rule is not you have to put someone's lights out to the point where they can no longer even physically respond it's not the rule the rule is intelligent defense and they have to make that observation in split-second it was not an egregious stoppage it wasn't a great stoppage probably not.

Even a good stoppage it up if this was a college class when I was grading the referee on a pass/fail basis it's a pass it's a pass it is an understandable call knew what you were gonna do and all that but as you were finding you looked so good and just so on top of everything was there ever any doubt like maybe this is something I want to keep doing.

Because you look great man no I hit me really hard in my face of wanting to keep fighting I was like oh this sucks this is not fun right now you know it wasn't after he broke but but I know what it takes to get a man to break and knowing what it takes to get a guy to break going into the fight sometimes can be like you know what you're getting into you know you know we have to do you.

Know how exactly how hard you have to go sometimes I think lately I'm like I don't you know I know I have to get this guy to break if he breaks you know and getting old them I feel I've been I've been grinding since I was in seventh grade you know trying to be the very best and do all the right things and I never took any shortcuts I always outworked everybody and I feel.

Older than I look I wanna you know you know walk away on top coach Xavier Mendez recently spoke about you know depending on what happens with the Commission he'd like to see potentially the Conor McGregor rematch it seems like you feel like he doesn't really deserve the rematches is that a fair assessment and then why is that I have a big beef Tim you know my father.

Have a man is my management you know and everybody think little bit difference you know it's like if you talk about like my father think different why we're saying difference my management same difference but one athletic commission and I make decision we're gonna sit with my whole team and make decision orthography next hmm.

But right now like if you guys ask me of course he cannot because it was you know he tap and it wasn't most fight I'd emanating every word in every aspect I've eaten me know that like I told explanation I mean it looks like he was trying to rile up old stories with you on social media the other week what was your reaction to that a lot of people believe that was just his attempt trying.

To get at with you been around forever former champion as trophies become good wrestling power in his hands how do you see the fire going yeah I think he described the three well he's very good yeah I'm gonna put pressure on him I must put takedown together it's not there be easy where I must over one takedown she choked him out I must listen takedowns get them for the.

Pressure on he fights in a way that's like it's a very heat he Sprint's and they take the break nice Prince he takes a break and so I have to fight at a constant pace so I take those Sprint's away from him dominate the top position make him exhausted and obviously don't let him land any big strength because he has he has a lot of power and you know he has a loss that I remember it was a.

Big knockout loss do you do you plan on standing up with him at all or is this pretty much you're gonna go to the wrestling well you know we'll start dating of course but no I'm gonna do what I do best I put pressure on him and yeah there's not this you know guarantee a get a takedown right away and it's hope we understanding for this isn't a big.

Deal I can do that so you know as far as me knocking entirely and I are completely different fighters I just I believe he has more knock downs per strike throwing them anyone like digging any one in the hole you see maybe any went well played I don't remember death whether that was he gonna get big power Enoch people down and I don't possess that ability now I mean obviously you've.

Been at probably asked ad nauseam about the pressure coming up with your first UFC fight ever is it starting to get more real the closer you get to the fight is there any of that creeping in is there any a little bit maybe nerves creeping in yeah that's one thing that struck me about you been I spent a little time with you in Milwaukee I was talking about that recently listen you.

Know a lot of guys like because we always talk a big game but you know you have the skills to back it up and yet there is a a calm confidence about you that there isn't bullshit you know a lot of people talk shit you know but yeah I can tell with you it is the real deal but of course your wrestling skill set is fantastic I mean I obviously never wrestled you but it's you know you're.

Very decorated and people say how tremendous you are that aside how would you rank yourself on the feet if you if you had no choice let's say something the ability to take somebody down must take it away from you in the fire are you comfortable on your feet yeah question right because we're not playing a kickboxing match hmm and so there's a whole bunch of factors in here I mean.

The biggest one that's in my favor is that I don't I don't have to worry about you taking me down you want to shoot on me that I love it go ahead and do it if you want to take me down that's fantastic I love it so I ask zero care about you trying to take me down and you always have to worry about me trying to take you down and so that's two factors right there that people don't consider.

The huge deal and then number two is you're always worried about space you know you be my opponent always worried about space and I'm not really too worried about space yeah once you get close enough to hit me I'm close enough to grab you and take you down so again you're always you're always worried about that range so I think you know if we're talking like.

Strictly I'm just got a kick box now that's a different story please you talk I have to stand up in MMA you know there's a whole bunch more pieces of that puzzle which you know the wrestling does affect right because if I can get you down you're not down for like ten seventh you're probably down for the entire round and so you're really having to hold back on everything that you like.

To throw you can't throw all this

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