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Full Fight | Anthony Joshua Vs Carlos Takam TKO

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Опубликовано: 24 февр. 2019 г.

Продолжительность: 01:03:41

28th October 2017 | Anthony Joshua won on TKO against Carlos Takam, who replaced the injured Kubrat Pulev, in the 10th round in Cardiff to retain his WBA, IBF and IBO World Heavyweight titles. #AJBXNG
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we've all been waiting long let's get this party started going to the brain the Challenger this is where legends are made to perform here it's an honor it brings a bit of fear anticipation what is going to happen I'll tell you it's going to be a battle.

Blood butterflies the nerves in your stomach when you leave the dressing room they turn into dragons those dragons get bigger and bigger they get stronger and we use them those dragons will breathe fire Oh you .

Undefeated heavyweight champion of the world AJ you you we're back and we're ready to go Michael buffer the legend ladies and gentlemen from principality stadium here in Cardiff Wales Eddy heard her natural Boxing presents the main event of the evening.

Twelve rounds of boxing for the Heavyweight Championship skies bottles and to the United States Showtime sponsored by stop huh and JD Sports clan capper at the Bell David Walters the three judges scoring from the UK Michael Alexander from Poland Morini from the United States Ron McNair.

And when the bell rings our referee in charge of the action bill Edwards and now the officials are ready the fighters are in the rig and they are ready so for the thousands in attendance and the millions watching around the world ladies and gentlemen introducing first fighting out of the red corner with his head trainer and.

Joseph Germain wearing black with silver at 16 stone his professional record 39 degrees including 27 knockouts ranked number three in the world now a proud citizen of France ladies and gentlemen he is the Challenger that doesn't .

wearing white with green and in his mama with his officially weighing in at he got to the living as a professional and 19 place 19 victories not from Harford kick returner .

to the National Stadium of Wales you know what I said to be bold time defending yourselves long times.

Good luck 90,000 at Wembley 78,000 of the Principality 50 countries taking this around the world unprecedented figures for British boxing as Anthony Joshua puts his perfect 19 fight 19 knockout record and his IBF WBA and IBF eltz on the line against the African Frenchman Carlos tackle who will surely try to charge at the champion he stands thus Len disturb.

Hope to the bookies will it be Joshua with ease or is there a sensation from the Tachyon cap what an extraordinary atmosphere car for this major event we an extraordinary intense we're not sure what tuck-ins going to do we're going to find out the first clip foreground if he's going to come and just try and unload a barrage of shots.

And really go for broke I was gonna sit back the giant box book the latter would be too dangerous venture try he went 12 rounds out of New Zealand with Joseph Parker he went into the 10th with Alexander Povetkin we've got a drill with Mike Perez wins on the record Joshua at his finest.

Wayne million to come through adversity folks have so many questions straight down to business centering popping the Java they're not short jump you know as good as you are as good as Joshua knows he'll thinks he is he he can't be in a situation like this and rush anything that's got to take his time just relax into it get the job.

Going to so much at stake little bit wild there with a and let him just sit behind the jab and let tack them you know try take some kind of initiative and then just walk him on to shot pillows taka it's not coming for engaging he's on the back foot choice they left her but Joshua puts one.

In as well he's had the proper training camp for 13 weeks takun notice answer to the corner to tea but he was in shape in shape to this their big question mark as a rut is partially blocked was taking his time here man Joshua there's trying to write hunt to the body.

They attack them I'm not forcing anything at all this is nice this is called card and composed and you know he's relaxed is concentrated this is all what to say tucker look slightly enough he's on his back thought josh'll they're just you know through odd turn back toward his high goal is going to be K to Joshua because he's not.

Quite sure what's in front of it training to the big Bulgarian kübra so he had to alter leg sparring short attack like figure of taka just having a really good looking at Joshua I'm not really engaging not giving Joshua wants to work with the just doing the right thing just back peeling off.

And you know just clip out that sharp jab and that's important into smaller month yep taking no chances down to business in the white and green Anthony Joshua and those familiar white boots the black and silver of Carlos taka from the onesie LeBron just outside Paris and we hot putting it up there to see him and he's been a pleasure to be around.

relax really smiley quietly confident that he can do well head promising else he's going to become the new world champion that he's had a decent career and late notice was a good replacement and a very different one to Bruno straighten with a head they're gentle.

Kentucky don't strike with his head London I think flush on the nose of Joshua sees seems a caricature he's caught that's something different for Anthony Joshua to deal with there's a slight mark on that nose remember he had a rocky second round at the o2 when Dylan what caught him Mitaka aiming to crunch a left hook over and there is some plug for Joshua.

because the collectors go to work here so late father cunts just a little tacky the nose that you see it bleeding profusely that's not going to be good should this go into the latter rounds do you believe it about certainly spiritual she learned to stop heavy artillery together they put some.

Nice shots together there Joshua baby that hit aiming to hit me in London flush at the nose of Joshua that doesn't look good does it in tagging that's a jack right from Joshua but there's a lot of he's trying to get internship come inside still backing off god there's a lot a.

Lot of swelling around Joshua's those carrots clerk with a Spanish dollar ideas attack them withdraw their confidence from that as he broken Joshua's nose with that still focused Joshua his eyes not leaving Jacoby's.

Wild that does try to dare in Joshua back to contact them here Marsha but he sees eyes are watering his nose is bleeding in his then swelling around as I think I noted broken yet there's problems for Joshua not one more not shaken nothing up but then .

Straight away kicked up an instant reaction room Anthony he went on the attack and I think it's only gonna see care took our last a calm afternoon we'll fight him approach now and I think this fight I don't see cold baths fired round for me it's a third round and he tries a long raking right hand Anthony Joshua is he annoyed by what's happened will he keep his composure of one of TAC.

Am what will he try what are the tactics from the French corner well Joshua certainly stepped on the gas a bit start putting shots together what attack comes tactics I think now it would be to move and pot shot when he can as Joshua comes in maybe let some shots go as soon as that gets close he's certainly not going looking for Joshua he's on his back foot he's trying to draw Joshua in which is.

Dangerous though the good defense in the world hard right hand whatever goes in professional boxing sometimes it can get rough and dirty and you know we can see the damage on Joshua's face here we can see his eyes Wharton and those Li who have talked about and there he's all comfortable in there now for Joshua he's got all that experience Carlos stock down he's had.

His loved some bumps his ups and downs he's a hard man now this is a hundred and eighty seventh round of professional boxing and the 59 for Anthony Joshua who remembers not everyone out including of course bloody miracle each go late when he had to pull himself up off the cameras at Wembley maybe two three punches away from losing his a big.

Record in that titanic tussle - stamping in his own eyes Takao you sit back here just real just trying to settle down just try to get in range of that job he's looking for the right man he's being awkward to a gang they're looking at the referee for net words was it to say come on they touch gloves and the left hand front a cow and Joshua.

Just has to cover up setting his feet here Joshua as he backs up tack themselves he's gonna been looking to put some power these shots on that to him just jab by moving bit like we usually do but feeling like wants to get straight on to being this Josh and try making impressions happen because he's annoyed to their to a question heads.

and he smiles through the gun shield Joshua check aha toriel battle I think he likes it tatka name twice will be with a left hook trying to find one punch a bit like smoking boat Cooper did with Evander Holyfield all those years.

Ago thought Tim Witherspoon when he was knocked out by Bonecrusher Smith in a massive upset and it would be enormous if Tackett pulls this off then it looks capable doesn't a looks as moving around the regularity whose moves has had quite a bit and is coming with a game-time he you know he's got tactics for Anthony needs to cook on the side these girls you know you cannot protect.

The temple area blinds hack up with the jab and cook down the side with the right off and I think that will be effective going on in this fight Joseph Germain from Carlos Hawkins corner just give him a real confidence booster he was with jean-marc mormon for many years knowledgeable trainer himself as Joshua gets back to the jab has he got a softened tack a map not.

Rush things here Nikki doesn't engage to back him up beyond the relaxed jaw walked in the eyes he is doing now actually just packing what time we're watching but it's gotta watch that aggressive counterfeit Apple this is not gonna firing back the Tachyon shrug his shoulders stop his defeat on the record he's.

Always had a pretty good chin Carlos tie can with a lot scored a lot scarier Wiley's move in well the nice defense bobbin and Weavin and you know when you're when you're in front of somebody who swarmed the news difficult to get the shuts up and land cleanly especially when they're ducking down long ago so it's all good for Joshua if tacklin doesn't engage talk good for.

Him to get this counter it's good tactics ready from tackle he's not winning but it's connected to fight drag on it maybe a lot have taken Joshua a little bit late because he knows is heavy fully tied down the stretch yeah 18 to Joshua's famous heavy as ever wait and what do you think that maybe they'll.

Standing there issues if Joshua doesn't stop him early that could come back to haunt him planning a pitch go lost an early fight the war security a bit iliza TUC context it but work from just world to collect all.

Sacrum on his back foot but smiles back as a clock lien at the right time that's a nasty cut Patek worse than Joshua's nose that's really bad it's in the last minute to be stamping in his home and he's talkative penguins he can't say he's complaining that Joshua will be.

Right on him that the property finishes with this is what Russia needed he needed a sign something to get him back in his open a nice cuts up there but they come I thought the iron man that is boring I'm not sure that the fight could come real much on the way that cat it's really bad and Chuck ham is in all sorts of so both of them have had their.

Injuries those still standing attack guns gonna go he's a pain he's been bored but the fans what's gonna happen your rival Tony telling me that Carlos attack em is as tough as they come they're huge sparring sessions before he fought Dereck Chisora hey so tack on the is high everything to stay in there he's.

Gonna have to get really really talk because his eyes bad he's bleeding heavily over the aisle this is causing discomfort this his blocking his vision I think he's going just going for it now and try not to be effective on Josh he's out with dangerous but effective in card you can see he's wincing it's a beckylyn and he must never have been caught like this before this is good combination.

Budget but Anthony Jocelyn let some rights planting his food I'm really going for it now Joshua working just blood poured from the eye of tatka mr. round that he believed he had bloody man remember the celebration the roaring like a lion and I was still alone.

- ours is gonna have a look at the cap the dr. sacani I'm not sure this is going to last and it will be a big disappointment kataka the doctor says go on attack on his dabbing it it's so in fury then Joshua Marla broken his nose already so I think Josh was over that.

His predatory instincts have sinned in the past I think you don't try closer sorry Joshua that's it for that in terms of facial problems got that I the boot is trickling into Tekken's right I Joshua Dobbs and his nose in his blood as well thought to be damaging and wincing.

Joshua mound up in the WI or his nose chuckles I to not grilli's have brought back the early on very interesting I mean we knew or we expected something might happen with this but you just never know what to expect in heavyweight boxing this is bizarre just your own control back then what nicely just need to keep himself called pose attack I'm still.

Dangerous I'm trying the rights and left Joshua with the speedy combinations punching down as opposed to how he would have to deal with kidnapping rap you can see that both alluded but it seemed that handy Joshua's dealing at the problem better he's a good shot slug he got to attack on showing how trophy is like I say he's.

Not gonna wanna quit here when he's digging in their landing claim their Joshua chuckling stand up to a while but they were helpful punches from Joshua he's silly desperate to make a mockery of the bookies Carlos tagging no one gave him a prey and still Anthony Joshua read up stupid just wanting to learn.

Punch to shake the bricks mm to be fair to Carlos Tucker and his Shippuden awful this is good work from just upon it it's really bad the cat they're gonna have another look at it I'm sure in between the rounds two warriors big deep breath from Anthony Joshua as.

He comes out of the blue corner blood smear on those white shorts and on Carlos stockings black and silver the top man in Paris he's great a huge family thirty-six he's trying to cause what will be one of the biggest sensations in modern boxing history fifty to one on Anthony Joshua before the first.

We weren't tired in that last round AJ threw a lot of punches is he feeling the pace of that last run who serves a recover because he's very fit tack and slowed down slightly but still seemed to be very much in this fight and we were talking car that attackin could withstand the punches of punishment that Anthony Joshua throw in.

The first arc turn he have a chance later on because of that experience Joshua's lack of it and that extra weight the Joshua's current if you start bringing down the stretch they all go blatant who knows all factors that could affect it Switzer 12-round sport because down the stretch of the championship rounds Joshua that.

Comes with some bodywork of his own I think this is a fabulous try days notice from Carlos taka to go in with the most feared man possibly about to be a that's awesome theory is in recess in the heavyweight and he's taking Joshua's punches we're taking his best punches really sitting down on these shots Joshua loading up.

The relaxed with his own inside putting heavy shots together was it the closet let's go and that was a perfect pose tuck down just normal down 50 seconds left in the sixth round and the eye is a complete man chuckle did Bob orbit isn't he top he's still in there still firing back great work from Joshua this is what we.

Want to see now we don't want we don't want this to be ended with an injury or a clot we want to see this part finish conclusively it's already been more fascinating than what we thought definitely hurt there though cast a can his tax down once he's trying he's targeting Maggie about that he Joshua power Sanders and he keeps keep going back to our D - his body is this.

Applying a back and hopefully with a little bit later on he's invested all of his work down the stairs maybe Joshua yeah under some nice walks around the body of Joshua not will affect him like on but he just got the feeling this fight isn't going very far he said this would be one of the biggest upsets ever in sport to pull this off he's gone into the.

Second half of this IBF WBO IBO heavyweight title fight but he's gonna be a long long way behind on both of your guards he has got to be is difficult to score a pinfall the attack come because he's just thought the relentless pressure getting caught he's in this fart is firing back but he's not winning the round simple as that he's not wearing anything.

The hearts of the people with the bravery shown but we've said before 12 days notice a horrendous Court and he's in there against the most destructive most powerful had too late on the plans and he sees he's diggin in what makes us commentators and journalist as you Lanza what Carlos Tucker respect you fighters so much there's a cuts on the other eye now both eyes cap that a still.

the spirit is extraordinary like the atmosphere in here no response there from tackle we got caught with two big shots and Josh and he'd fight straight back with hooks at his own landing on Joshua's Jenny who so took the shot songwriter Chuck can show me what topless was in.

His hair his injured his on his back thought was bleeding heavy and his still firing back he's giving us a lot more than what we wanted to tell what we expected into he's showing here for me Adam and Carla experience that comes with championship level fighters the inside word to slip in the bobbin or even the cute little things that championship fighters out after you.

Joshua pick these things up also while this fights going on he hasn't really really hurt Joshua Davis landed and Joshua be learning something new here just like he did against 19x let's go well these are clean rounds and learning rounds as you served them and he's learning all the time in there so you know it's not bad thing that Joshua is.

Now in Round seven and he's experiencing new things because he's all pads up towards the you know the father were talking about the head of the game he has done rather big shots from camels tack app he's still full of energy the mountain biking so much standing in an excellent state that these parties have been taken by Joshua and the cats on both eyes what.

A warrior attack abyss real warrior and Joshua showing a bit of bravery there himself firing back the game called shots what happens next in this quite traumatic heavyweight fight we didn't think we'd see anything like this but then Joshua Joshua that still takes it Joshua's finger the pasted into this round is three really talking to Tucker.

He's one minute rest are serving while called rather commercial Jetta called get that dicey fifth and six against rich girl it took him two or three rounds just to get himself back together but he did find that second win just Tony as he predicted at the end of the 10th round when we spoke to you at Wembley and he came out in the and he became a superstar.

boxing's an unforgiving business karstic I'm still in there he wants the price now he wants the scalp of Joshua and he's not out of this he's not out of this guy but Joshua just doesn't seem to be fading at all we worried about his 18 stone weight over just over very big a career heaviest for Joshua.

But he's too old a lot of work early on he really went to work around two and three hours long with that package to the nose and he's got all these outweighs won every round but he's been getting hit back but he's still earlier he's still looking for an she's still expecting strong for me he's not faded and this this is looking really really good for Joshua I'd like to see on TV.

Just really made me lean on top I'm a little bit tired of our use that words at majesty you know to benefit yourself that's the only thing that returns nothing at the moment I can be a bit busy with that job Adam take loose on the garba mentally Joshua still affecting him to breathing this is the sort of time of the fight doesn't seem to be too trouble does he.

Joshua breathing heavy that was a big he's a big lad we debated it just last night Carl about the weight of the factor is 18 bus question answered I think he's absolutely far 78,000 hand they want that hair out to come hard but he's having a munchkin good night.

Pretty much everyone would have predicted better give Tucker massive respect to standing there and trying really trying punks ended up in the way though into his vision I said they earlier in the week Adam that pole you know when you're punching down on poles are short of any poses.

Problems you leave gaps over the top into the middle it's shown tonight that you know when you put you down the children hope they can pay a price Lennox here's how that Vizio Canaveral Richard David - he didn't have easy nights were there for Joshua taxes come on man what is going on body and head where head from Joshua to.

My looks everybody has switched upstairs takun tip-top Joshua working hard it's she self-belief it's that one opportunity the golden ticket and that's why he's still in this but whatever happens he can go back to Franz and back to his family in the can with his head hound so high you say the.

Kennedys did himself proud still firing away good jab to the body tag and says doesn't matter where you hit me I'm still a absentee Joshua who became heavyweight champion just in April last year as the doctor comes in again to have a look this time at both eyes just to make sure medically everything's fine.

and he's having a word with the referee it's a long word dr. Ashwin Patel and maybe it's a final one but the fight goes on much to the delight of everybody who's enjoying this one Joshua he's defended agates Dominic Brazil Eric Molina and Klitschko is.

Having a real grooming affair with the unheralded Carlos taka but those in the trade knew how tough and determined he was it's not only it's known on the scene out of how to be is darlin as long as he didn't give perfection on falling short going there with dr. Parker told to toe with 12 rounds he's he's always in shape he's a brilliant fighter as we seen him on the scales fantastic proper.

Having a look at the size of his legs either all the way down short thick he's a good solid heavyweight and Anthony's find an ultimatum and this is great work frankly Joshua I mean boots around now he's had some great work back to this level on this occasion he's briefing heavy now Joshua that is you know he's worn every round but it's not a veneer on his own way is he's not.

Dictated every second of every round takun still lights on his food still letting shots gari joshua park switch off here from Joshua will he be thinking of boxing his way home man or will he be still aiming for the knockout which yes he's out him down yes he's having wobbled but no real signs.

I think Joshua touched his way through the first couple of minutes and then if he feels like letting the bars go in and trying to get get the stoppage he'll do that towards the end of the round because it's got a minute little boy that's usually a tactic they've an good right hand from tackling but Josh we're not really bothered now either by the power and the punches from tack them 27.

Knockouts it is 35 wins Carlos tagging the puncher maybe later on and he's starting to rev up some of these hooks and Joshua just a bit static in the middle of the ring and he's not drawing much and tackles having to go here the jaw from Anthony Joshua is really affecting Carlos Tucker what da waters make you this enticing.

Fury about Anthony Joshua well if we look at his performance and think you know what he's doing who's expected to get talked about the earlier about the problems digoxin the nose the Joshua now is sloped down went around 9 is slowed down nearly because he wants to move what's Tecna timer box.

Book is in the trash in here and this will give opponents that belong to either confidence takun coming forward maybe not applied to their camp so that's a good shot from Joshua he has this is only the stop of what he's worth now it you know it's a brilliant performance by him and he's shown.

Against all odds that he's still here but here's the bell for round 10 nine minutes to go world heavyweight titles still on the line here Anthony Joshua picking up rounds as the down as well but remember Daris his nose very early Carlos telecom who's fought with bad cuts to both eyes but it has not stopped him.

and he still is coming to Joshua which is look sad that you are inside their car as if to say why this guy is giving it everything and I'm in a fight when he looked down and maybe thought to himself he's still coming forward he still swinging away it's no big Thailand for Joshua but he's breathing heavy I was feeling the pace.

Of these round he's worried like still a lot of work that this guy Tucker he's still coming for him he's open to look now chopper man that might pose an opportunity for Anthony Joshua tell our boy then Big Shot let's not forget Anthony Joshua can end the fight in a split second run big shot Cara Tucker does not have that same you know page in his arsenal so don't be surprised if we.

See the end Rebecca again the beds of Colonel sat down little does that he's fair he's not that a little see too much sustained punishment because titles as the Challenger on such short notice .

- the Joshua's keys his freshness that got him through boys let's go a pat so what is a shame that it was stopped when he was to tussle Anderson please shut that up and photos during that fight he felt we stayed over chat he came out and started this rat bastards law and he's still complaining so he's not.

I'll stop it he wasn't going to win the fight probably didn't eat seen the cats the doctor coming the government it was maybe the right check it's a very very talk above the referee that I mean because yes Carlos Tucker mr. all punches back for can he win was he here yes was he Anton's we know he wasn't but.

It's only gonna be more once at and I'll be honest there's a potential you know at epod of got here there he I wanna say is he's one or two punches from ball to sleep in my opinion so for me he's been saved to fight him on the day he was caught with a shot about twenty seconds before that which really affected the legs and I think the punishment at this stage Anthony Joshua.

Gets the job done it's going to be fascinating to hear from him about the knows about the grit and toughness of Carla stack out because he's learned something very different tonight AJ will see tuck them they're taking heavy shots shrugging it off smiling till that woods very experienced referee up and a look at these damaging shots going in nothing really coming back the legs of attack am.

Doing that little shake you see you know he's hurt he's slowed down I mean you can't argue at a stoppage but I think tackle wanted the moral victory I think he wanted to hear the final bow and I think the crowd wanted them to hear it too because coming in on tour that's why they would know what Booz Allen done to me Joshua fight ball I understand where they're coming from you know he's a.

Proud Marlee he's done unbelieving well he hasn't model victory tonight by getting as far as he did what ultimately you rolling with ages if you're likely scored you've only the gauges that he cook ahead very difficult decision for Phil Edwards to make but Anthony Joshua looked like he was on course anyway winning the rounds and although some sticky moments.

And some defensive issues probably to tighten up on again he was hit a few times maybe Robin McCracken would have been unhappy at patches but overall it was a good performance from Anthony Joshua and what we'll remember from this is the effort energy and substance of the fighter that's Carlos Tapia there was a heavy right hand went in.

There before before the couple of punches that missed and the referee sorta comes let's go and that's what he decided to jump in and you have no chance of winning that I don't think so you know for me a big thing that everybody's forgetting about ian is Anthony Joshua was scheduled to face a six foot seven man he's calling there tonight against the man he's barely over.

Six foot it's big drastic changes with very short notice that missions being complete tonight at the stoppage Ron McNair the American judge had Joshua winning everything but the Polish judge Powell Cardini and our own Michael Alexander gave around each to Carlos Takao he'll go back with his head held very very high to know Ozzy lagron but it is Anthony Joshua who is 20 and oh.

And still the World Heavyweight Champion ladies and gentlemen the end qualms at one minute 34 seconds of round number 10 winner by TKO three and still well it was quite a heavyweight scrap in the end wasn't it and there's all.

Respect between the pad in the ring actually Joshua Carlos tuck down and the team's lovely guy Carlos stack amaz rallies been nothing but a pleasure to be around for the last few days yes he has and he left it all in the ring didn't say I mean nobody really expected it to be that competitive or for the fight to go that far.

Joshua yes winning every round because of his quality a class of punches and you know the accuracy but he had a fight in front him here tonight he wants to go on doesn't he Carlos stack now that's just the madness he does yummy it came he didn't come to make the numbers up that he believed he was smiling he was talking confident to Johnny and Nelson we went over and.

Trained with him and he showed us tonight what what kind of a man he is is a proud man who means business let's hear from Anthony with Andy thanks Lee congratulations was that quite everything that you expected it would be a tough bloody battle yeah first and foremost card it thank you for coming out this evening thank you.

Secondly much from sports tucker it was a pleasure listen i come to fight i don't sit on the edge and make decisions as you can see it was a good fight up until the ref stops it so up until then i have the utmost respect for attack up or putting on a good show there's a lot of team boos at the stoppage what did you make of the.

Stoppage as I said I have no interest of what's going on with the officials that's what my job my job is to worry about my opponent I was watching him I was trying to break him down round by round and unfortunately the ref stopped it with why I think people want to see taka unconscious on the floor I'm alright okay okay so now and that's where that's why I was trying.

To get to 10 rounds 11 rounds 12 rounds we was getting there but as I said I didn't have control over the rest decision so we get your win and now we're on to a positive 2018 let's talk about how the second round took us through your nose do you think that's a broken nose it feels it but you know what he's like you know that Colie fool coming under.

Popping up but this is a championship fight in and imagine it broke I couldn't breathe you know he started catching up in the later rounds it would have been a massive disaster so I had to keep my cool and as I said I bought a few months to heal it up I'll go and see some good doctors to crack it back in place and then we continue a train was it bothering you at all when was your.

Stamina affected by it oh no no no you have to control these situations you I mean because that's if I showed any signs of weakness the ref could have jumped in and done whatever but I just kept my composure and continued the fight as anyone else would do that's what he tried to do continue to fight but the referee jumps in you mentioned 2018.

What are your planners will talk to any Hearn later but were your plans what do you want to do get my nose cracked back in place number one but honestly continue to grow the sport boxing and everyone knows where we're headed what do people want that's what I'm interested in well we know the show time tonight in the States is that a fight that you actively want to pursue.

It has to happen it has to happen for sure but I think it comes to a decision where you've got the Ibo the WBA and IBF Bell and they have mandatories provided I'm free I can't fight Joe Bloggs from anywhere I have to fight championship fighters and these are fighters have to compete with that's how it goes but what I was saying before is that now there's belts on the line there's obligations as.

A champion and once offer fewer these obligations my door is open to any challenge are providing this wild are providing this X X or X it's no problem that's what I'm coming for you want to keep hold of those belts you are in a position where you will vacate so like this situation if I could have fought another heavyweight you would have made out to vacate one of the belts but.

Everyone saw in my last fight how hard I had to work to get these so I'm just going to give them up for anyone I want to fight keep them and move on this is my dad fresh from Nigeria I've got my family here as well so thank you all thank you all very much you spoke about bringing there the big time fights back to the UK can you keep selling out stadiums here or do you want.

To go global as I said it it's not my decision what happens outside of the ring but what do people want you can give some okay we've got we've got London Wales I learned Scotland ha Vegas so I think people want to stay here it's a beautiful thing look what Watson's.

Doing people from different backgrounds people flying in from different countries it's bringing boxing back this United people so let's continue to keep boxing great in the UK that's a lot coming from congratulations well done not bad guys God guys everyone everyone it's unknown leap over there and he was.

The the gameplan read in your program notes we talking about fighting three times next year Ajay's told me he wants the vets Deontay Wilder he talks a lot he's not really firing anybody who knows listen so give him a message soon Beyonce Wilder against Anthony Joshua has to happen it's also a great heavyweight called Tyson Fury.

We want to see him come back to the school and see Joshua wants to being the real quiet I promise you I've punished the fans he will give you the fights that you want I promise you that Beyonce while there Joseph Parker Tyson Fury there the 2018 fights they spoke about the politics the belts how do you see that unfolding tonight was a mandatory you fight that file you lose.

The belt he worked so hard for that belt anti Joshua's achieved so much I want to thank everyone for coming out tonight here in Cardiff I don't think we should go abroad I think we should stay right here I think we should keep the British flag fine that's what NC Joshua has done but I promise you he will fight anyone and Beyonce Wilder will be relieved that at.

Belt in 2018 lamenting Joshua with the Challenger the warrior that is Carlos tack am sorry to interrupt your photos guys wait you wanted you can stay if you want to but we will call us I know you understand English but with usual translations well to us through that horrific .

no no no no I don't think so I don't know why the referee stopped the match you know I respect Antonio Antonio is a protector I respected the decision of live chat on the world and I respected funded everyone the UK filed is it far we're doing things together.

He's known for the real quick I think yes until now let's play you a great champion but they refuse copper you for why she that she stares she said she don't know I saw okay honestly the decision he the champion you came in at twelve days notice will you be speaking with your promoters for a full camp and a rematch yeah I was a one-day remand because the twelve chairs there I want.

Preferably I make my profession attracted to come to make the time John dubaku Antonia I don't I was gonna did that was shut to box on Tony I wonder imagine if not only give me their much I want it I want to box him again is the great champion I wanted commiserations credit to Carlos tacking taking the pilot 12 days knows an impressive.

Performance from him this evening and it wasn't an easy ride I think that's fair to say but AJ's reign at the top continues got to talk about the stoppage Johnny straightaway too early in your eyes social media thinks so and the jostle think so I don't think he should have been stopped I think tuck am yes he was taking a few shots if you're looking at slowly but surely the three shots.

Should be folded roughly dropped it jumped in missed they skimmed in they miss yes he got hit with a right hand before that but I don't think they should have stopped at that stage if you looked at his reaction with to the referee once the referee stepped in he was he was solid on his legs he said why are you doing this he was trying to slip him all the shot the one good thing.

Antonia Joshua's learnt Albert about this fight is the first two rounds I think captain is Joshua was trying to give the crowd something to let his fight last he was pulling his shots a little bit ridiculous time with him and I reckon he'll never ever do that again he'll think right when his opponent there I'm getting rid of it no matter what.

That's why I think that's experience for you at the top level and he will gain that tonight I mean for me Carlos Tucker has won the hearts of everybody I mean he's just gained 80,000 horse families with the display he's gone on here tonight and more it's fantastic it really is but listen everyone's missing the point here Anthony Joshua sets out to face is six foot seven Giants and a.

Very short notice that's all turn round also the fact he's came through some of the girls I'm gonna say to you first and foremost I don't think you should have been stopped and I understand what everybody wants very much like crotch and gross did in that fair slice of Manchester everybody wants a definitive finish he won't belonged basically and he didn't get it for let's just flip the.

Coin was Kazakh was tak I'm taking too much in general watch on it I thought it was definitely a premature stoppage and I thought Anthony Josh looked a little bit flat if I'm honest but it's difficult you know you're up for a fight he's trying to cooler and then 12 days knows he's got a different style to fight and you know he knows he's fighting someone that hasn't had a 12.

Week camp it's difficult you know complacency subconsciously he's prepared he's super fit he's done all the rounds of sparring quick he just didn't have that edge you need that fear factor you need those nerves it's not you know you have no reason Irvin yet it takes the edge of you and you just lose that sharpest uncarrier I'm not sure we carried him I just thought tak am.

Alright big attack I think I really do a lot of people watching the fight that would have watched Joshua against Mitch go Josh was more hurt in that fight and he was allowed to carry on sir surely caused a commission there's no doubt about it the stuff which was premature was it going to come it anyway may be worth on but it was definitely premature it was a strange for I thought to what I.

Expected sac him to come out and really go for it in the sense that he had nothing to lose and we didn't have the proper preparation but instead he was very cagey early on he was very cute he was slipping slide and rolling getting close and you know what I just thought I was waiting for it to kind of catch fire but I just thought Joshua looked a little bit like I'm honest this with all.

The learning process for Anthony Joshua so much in that fire because once the change of the opponent yes you have to lick yourself emotionally and think right and get on it and it was very hard for him to have that fear fight for that respect for clacker I four minutes I did really go all out in them last two rounds and he was swinging that's why I hate it in their.

Last two because just before the finish was coming he was swinging back and onto any game and any more opportunities to nail them clean and I'm not saying he was out on his feet he was let's just rewind and start the fight let's just just have a look at some of the analysis there because it was okay to start as you said but then in the in the second round.

Joshua fashioned of heads surprised by him and that's when he thought I've got to get rid of this guy so what he's after this touch of head boom right and an old broken old piece think that is the point Johnny you turned to me and he went that's been annoying this is one he's gonna go to town exactly so what I'm says every punch he's throwing that this after this point he's trying to.

Take him out of there but then he realized attack comes cute enough to slip the shots if you trying to bomb somebody out with it every shot you throw and you look at him he's he's tightly not was trying to load up with that big shot he's missing his skinny gets one in he wants him out of there because now he's thinking I should not have given man a.

Chance that shouldn't have won Johnny he's very similar to another fighter whose trailer used to shave with a very similar pod so John Mark Worman there you gotta put a little bit like you said on the inside job McCormick was more faced fierce he's he's got skills crafty he knew he knew he was slipping him as well as on my shots he was getting close he was it was ride in the shot so he was.

Very crafty in there and Josh were also starred loading up a little gate got frustrated I think you know it and also a little bit flat in there I think he'd be look at the different fiend his first two rounds and the rounds after that I think that's when he's longer it's thinking and what you out of here but tack hammer was experienced and Kubica it was definitely a premature stoppage.

Though the referee was way too soon there question I'd like to ask you then is okay yeah the permitted stoppage is premature so what could have Anthony had done difference tonight because for me he's learnt an awful lot yeah he established be showed he's got a better job because it's not that I did anything bad it just looked a little bit.

Flat and sometimes when that some of you've gotta go through experiences good and bad to get it spear

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