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Silent Library - WWE Superstars

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Опубликовано: 2012-08-06T18:06:21.000Z

Продолжительность: 00:20:14

featuring Dolph Ziggler, Chris Masters, Trent Barreta, Caylen Croft, JTG and Curt Hawkins.

Meet the players WWE Superstars doll Chris tread Kalin JTG and Kurt six friends one team playing for thousands of dollars in cash the players draw cards and the one who gets the skull and crossbones busting to earn unusual punishment if he completes the challenge the team wins money but if he fails or if his teammates make too much noise they kiss it goodbye round one.

Each challenge is worth three hundred dollars but most critical silence begin yeah the contestant must allow each of his teammates to smack him with a tennis ball your pain pad purpose you win Dolf suffered in silence so the guys win the day's first challenge good for 300 bucks hey the contestant must allow his head.

To be used as a batting tee monkey almost choked up your humiliation leads to success Chris doubles the teams total they now have $600 in the bank the contestant has 20 seconds to drink all the foul-tasting fish water out of a baby bottle I knew that was gonna happen what goes.

Down must not come up fail JTG spit up like a baby the guys lose and prep for round two with $600 Oh next trip get served and then fed when silent library continues welcome back to silent library today's team of WWE Superstars was off to a great start until jthe blew it right now their total stands at 600 bucks.

Keep in mind whoever gets the wrong card gets punished and all the teammates must stay quiet round two all challenges are worth $400 but remember the most important rule silence back to the game the contestant must be served a plate of sausage by a Bavarian waitress why Artie on the back you don't know what you do rap your ordeal ends in triumph you pass.

Trance meat feeding is good for $400 the total rises to a grand without beef the contestant has 30 seconds to retrieve three meatballs buried in a bowl of spaghetti using only his mouth Oh get it out Oh best reinvesting thanks John you found the meat you get the money Curt bobbed his way to another $400 the.

Winnings jumped to 1,400 the contestant must eat foul-tasting food from a loving mother bird hey hey Oh that was the taste of victory Trent helps the WWE Superstar sweep round two they now have $1,800 still to come kaylynn gets balled out and Chris gets hit by the perfect storm when silent.

Library returns welcome back to the library round two was filled with bobbing and beatings the WWE Superstars want all three challenges for a current total of 1,800 bucks remember the rules one player gets punished and the whole team needs to stay quiet round three each challenge is now worth $800 and above all silence continue.

The contestant must be hit repeatedly with objects spinning in a tornado for 20 seconds love you screamed you lose Krissi Smackdown was all for nothing the team's total stays put at 1,800 the contestant must be shot with honeydew cantaloupe and watermelon balls smoke coming good you survived the.

Shooting you win the cash shoot Kalin gets the team back on track they had $800 for a total of 2,600 the contestant must be on the receiving end of a factory conveyor belt for 20 seconds this I see no reason to punish you further you pass one more Chris ends round three on a solid note the guys head to the final round with 3,400 bucks.

Coming up the WWE superstars hit the trap when silent library returns we're back with the final round of silent library today the WWE Superstars have been fed up and beaten down there's no challenge left and thirty-four hundred dollars in the pot as always all six teammates must remain quiet and they're playing together for the cash final round this challenge is worth $1,000 but.

Do not forget silence finish the game in this challenge five contestants must endure the punishment and only one teammate is safe the five contestants must have their nipples stretched to their limits by a horse racing carnival game Oh Oh Oh.

Pain shame and success the guys pulled together for the big win they walk away with a grand total of forty four hundred dollars congratulations WWE Superstars you survived silent library and you want some cash seven hundred and thirty four dollars per player not bad for a day at the library

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