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Solo Sniper! - Ring of Elysium (RoE)

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Опубликовано: 3 дек. 2018 г.

Продолжительность: 00:22:28

Back on RoE playing solo and using bolt-action snipers as much as I can. :D
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I'm assuming this guy might be a little bit low Sneaky's peeking through the freaking tires stuff good fine man because it nice nice name don't leave somebody up there literal potato.

Battle off the start of the game that guy was lagging holy crap probably had two million ping he was like this just casually that's insane I'm not touching that 4 X 4 me thank you actually let's reverse this hello hello again I don't see you did you fly in as well okay yeah getting a Mosin give the Mosin her shot mean moves and do it oh yes better vehicle doesn't have as.

Much protection but this thing goes has much better acceleration which is exactly what I'm looking for snowmobile Oh should we I think Rochelle where's that shot near the house yes sir it's gonna use this male 60 we can go for that oh well thank you for the good help yeah hello well this sucks I dropped my.

Sniper scope way back when um I don't let's drop 30 that I guess maybe I can find something I don't want to throw it 2x on there that kind of sucks damn just miss that just missed that if I had a 4x though you know he was snowboarding it's probably gone by now it's all downhill there is what's up dude dude what's up do you.

Have a longer-range site you did not come on man help a brother out why couldn't you be carrying exactly what I need hello mister how about you I'm sorry for the rerun over I see you I see you place damn you yes there is one more time do it thank you I do not like this spot at all feel like a sitting duck he's somewhere over there was it outside.

You what man what that was not him that's him dear God that hurts I am ruining helmets out here just icky hot please no wouldn't fly you on top of me I love this level two best you would not believe how good it is at blocking shots not blocking it absorbs shots crazy Oh Oh rod to pay for wait for ya there we go ah uh uh uh okay well I think the game.

Was too tough for him he didn't want to play anymore two minutes I should be able to make it to the top easily realistically yeah we'll need one more guy to die and then we can all survive today I want care about that yeah probably not okay we got that guy going places Oh somebody's on a snowmobile they're gonna Duke it out we have a minute and.

This is outside the zone oh that was close no one sees me right we're all good we're all good no one can see me basically invisible Ellie's right here if I just run for it do you think everyone will allow me to leave it's unlike people to allow others to leave what a hell you never know I don't have anymore I'm gonna give it a.

Shot it's gonna suck if someone kills me off of it hey they're duking it out dammit if this gunfight had happened slightly sooner I could have ran over to the trees these guys are gonna still fight they're gonna fight forever I think see the glider is really cool but I think I don't know I feel like the.

Climbing pack is probably one of the cooler ones I can use an AR it now this is good let's mix it up since I don't have the glider let's find out if this guy's new or an experienced player snowboarding she knows that I was down here I forget him catching him coming over he didn't know might have been a more new player I'm gonna keep the AEK just cuz.

It's so much fun to use it's not easy to drive I think his basically no shocks how many more people can I run over today I mean realistically all right vehicles don't stop for you sky might come over this one maybe just maybe someone shot over here I got to manage my loot I just don't want to do it in.

The open the next intimate yes a tool in fact just paranoid about getting run over there's a guy way up there thank you you come down from up there no fly zone I've gotta be close how's about one we'll come on Connor all right there's one and he's basically out of sight uh-huh sadface tagged his toe somebody's.

Up there to the client climbing pack is really good too because you can just you can carry so much more so I can stack up on meds I don't have to worry about how much space I have what are you doing why are you just gonna stay in the open like that I respect him for taking the fight but as soon as I hit the second shot he's like oh I might actually die here.

Not good sure well damn that's gone Oh someone did die here oh yeah this was the shooting that we heard earlier I hear you I hear you keep shooting please keep shooting you see them and you stand still to shoot that's what you're gonna do yep come on you see I'm 100% do it please where somebody does it to me.

Yeah you're good you're gonna you're gonna fall back and you're gonna heal okay yes thank you are you shooting at patience and patience that him is that you there nice little bounce Oh missed I really thought that was gonna hit I was what that was a headshot okay you know what game if you want to play it that way I'm down I won't argue with you that's fine.

Come on and that's not a headshot you're joking me right now I have a minute I can't mess around with you I don't have a vehicle should I just leave he's repeating thank you thank you for each peak again appreciate it because I gotta go should bring me outside the map and I could just run it back in real quick imagine you could use an SMG from this.

Thing no one I don't think anybody would choose the glider no one would choose a snowboard everyone would be playing this holy crap this hurts so much I did not expect this okay well please don't get me killed please don't get me killed oh no I'm still outside the zone you kidding me what terrible timing this is gonna kill me.

I think I'm dead mmm it's my BTN gentlemen way to reset somehow it like reset now I'm chucking more again what confused her idea okay I'll make it in but I might die from somebody else I mean like cuz I can't see anything.

Excuse us now ten people to go oh my god that drops significantly can't top that was far enough in head not far enough too much oh my god I wanted it so bad I saw you I saw you getting in the vehicle maybe I'll trade that I'll take that trade both just headshot at each other it really uses guys meds oh no he didn't hit me that hit me the vest oh did he.

Have the sniper then you might have the m200 real my hip his headshot thank you holy crap this guy hits me in the back I'm dead it's gonna one-shot me 36 bandages I got it do me like this sit here for days I'm not worried about that guy all right I am worried about the guy come on just too many of us stay alive .

You're not what are you doing where are you is that you oh you sneaky bugger you how'd that feel lots more the biggest issue I have right now is I can't out heal everyone if I kill somebody in the storm I get an adrenaline rush now I can't see give me all your meds everything you have Zen ran adrenaline rush so I don't take.

Any damage an outside the zone this sucks little horrible situation alright just get on the chopper truce I call a truce we can be chill man I can't out heal this anymore I'm actually gonna die either run for it and just try to kill him because he's just gonna hold it oh my god the adrenaline rush that's.

Exactly what we just needed can I make it no way is real that's exactly what we need thank God they made that update you

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