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Full Fight | Anthony Joshua Vs Dillian Whyte KO

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Опубликовано: 2019-02-13T21:14:43.000Z

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12th December 2015 | Having been beaten previously in the amateur ranks, Anthony Joshua had plenty to prove against fellow Brit Whyte. In a noticeable step up in class, Anthony Joshua boxed his way through six and a half rounds before a picture perfect uppercut left Whyte on his back. #AJBXNG
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from the o2 arena London let's get this party started 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 that's not a real sense that we are looking at a future superstar sometimes you have to forget we've done as an amateur I'm here now ready to render my last please didn't work to me no winning .

Come on and comment on them for when I Love You Man there so who's next ladies and gentlemen in the ring at this time please welcome superstar crime recording artist storm Z as he brings to the ring after day you.

well that was storm zing rappin Anthony Joshua into the ring first Joshua defending the Commonwealth belts will be one last time out against Gary Cornish hoping to add the vacant British title now painted by toys and fury who's done rather well himself as lately this color of course.

There's ambitions and aspirations of his own anyway the reason blown wide open in this way stake a claim absolutely packed out real sense of anticipation and Dylan white making Anthony Joshua wait either that or his recording rt7 turn up maybe they got stuck in traffic let's get quite possibly the longest Anthony Josh is spent in the boxing ring.

That went for the hospital and now plumbing for the ring from.

Brixton the the by snatcher real writer on the heavyweight sea I killed goodies I'll give me a while to get boxing I don't like this time when this fella is in the ring you don't get the final bell one of the biggest vibration boxer in years that being once nothing again .

You answer this one going appoints remote ladies and gentlemen live on Sky Sports box-office mr. Eddie Hearn format room boxing is proud to present the main event of the evening two undefeated heavyweights somebody's Oh has got to go 12 rounds of boxing for the Commonwealth and vacant British heavyweight championship.

Sponsored by William Hill Vegas stubble Lonsdale and the motion picture 3 starring Michael B Jordan and Sylvester Stallone in cinemas everywhere January 15 sanctioned by the British Boxing Board of Control Stewart in charge Charles Todd timekeeper at the Bell Michael McMahon the three judges scoring are Michael Alexander Ian John Lewis and John Kane and inside the ring in charge.

Of the action at the Bell your referee Howard Foster and now the officials are ready the fighters are in the ring and they are ready quite pounds are you for the thousands in attendance and the millions watching around the world ladies and gentlemen introducing first fighting out of the red corner wearing black and purple.

Officially 17 stone nine pounds he hold the WBC international silver belt and has a perfect professional record consisting of 16 fights 16 victories including 13 big wins by knockout and his last 12 fights all wins by KO from Brixton the undefeated Jillian the Body Snatcher .

And across the ring fighting out of the blue corner wearing red obviously way he has a perfect professional record 14 fights 14 victories 14 knockouts and he holds the WBC international championship from London the Olympic gold medal heavyweight fighting pride of the UK the undefeated heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua .

Both you both in the dress you know we both know I expect keep it clean break straight away when told what wash your edging closer look to your old clothes box Howard Foster in charge of 35 stone of power and malevolence this one has had a real bad edge about it a lot of trash talking lot of nastiness white trying to go Joshua Joshua not taking the bait now.

It becomes very real indeed citizen first now officially for the Commonwealth on the vacant British title but an awful lot on the line parsley to these two as well exposed Joshua as a fake Joshua wants revenge defeats in the amateurs Boston the white and suddenly setting.

His store out here wisely not sir very what's not it was like a weight came out jabbing and already.

Look a little bit unsteady for a moment there was the lack then it is too reckless he's going to take it to Josh if you think what you're doing he's not thinking about these pump too reckless wait are they came out jabbing him looking establish the jab well Joshua is now caught him we'll see how his mentality changes .

They can't match the Georgia befo you can see the right hand the waist I love behind things go south and you can't get into this kind of fight with Josh when he's got to stay behind the jab that he spoke with the fight with regardless of the kind of success just that jab that at least will get keep Joshua at bay in some ways these B's not really a bunch of Pauline.

You know those first over he's good he's a total host against people over there and I really don't see on there out boxing Joshua for any great length but Ava's got to use his power and try and get Joshua Joshua hasn't been tested he's got to turn stuff of course now Joshua being an Olympian of course we know he can box but at least what I'm saying is if they the only weight and.

Keep using the jab for the second time is the left that shaken Dylan white sorry to interrupt you guys we just get the sense at any second something could go up here on a picture although again it was the left anyway after Joshua sticks his time let's go until.

from one got ripping in the right side is going to chit but it can't fight like this woman's mother can t even get through the first round.

- swinging and hoping a Joshua he's in the totally different level I'll tell you with a little white sake a bit of good if you can hear that he's really had to dig in here that was a good minute with a better idea to sustain and get through that can he hear that Bell that in itself will be an achievement this evening clear some of.

The cobwebs when I was just ahead what's happening but she's often available people disqualified the fax is separated blew into that ring sitting in fact.

I don't know if this many guys are a lot on the rig right under normal rules somebody's you means ball fight here listen it was past Annabelle was not fashionable ah I reacted tonight you can't blame them they should not have continued to react to her he would he would still be throwing punches at Josh I know that that pulled them away.

Yeah I don't like that they separated them and then John White came back for yet another attempt that I'm taking a swipe at Joshua yeah except when you've been separated let's go back two corners he was right to the argument about after the bell but not to continue the I said I was buying a little balls oh sorry what he sets up a nice second round no I was going to say you weren't excited.

Enough by the first round what about what happened after the ballot and Gandhi's best movement after the bear laughing he's got him back on that jab Jim I know he probably cannot bounce Joshua that Lisa got he's got the jab on Joshua Joshua can't set up its hurtful punches Acosta doing absolutely the right taking the sting out of it farming.

Everybody time two boxes there is getting superheated as well horses do therefore drownings losing control of this fight yeah I like what PO Boxes Oracle so round two then of this 12 round .

Plenty Anastas attachment already when it spilled out there after the Bell see what happens in white jab to Josh we're here at least backs him up and after said that he's gonna hurt him but he keeps Joshua on the defensive in some ways and at least he keeps Josh welcome setting up his own powerful punches Jonathan banks did a great job just carving his bandana context game there.

Just in a neutral corner and took him back settling down register big solid shots of his I'd like to see Josh was returned the jab though I think josh is to to uh to reliant on the on the power shot we hurt somebody Alessi Josh and start jabbing back at white the.

Heavyweight division that you can confuse other guys power then this is the mouthful of time and I think that's the problem for way to the woman Josh it can confuse Park improving he's good and I says Samantha left a mother Lake DC wait tried a real solid right hand screen uh fatigue chances because he's loved when he get himself another spy but can you take a chance against.

Anthony Joshua get off the roads right now White's gonna do just that Joshua egg white I forgot threatening to unravel him Joshua's picking him up as the cough drops suggestion gosh was hot choice was it big brother.

great white cat we came around the country so Papa this is what will show you gotta use your own color the fatal and reason tasty tasty channel and white stuff that they were the Moritz he was like a wounded we were back to the ropes he had nowhere to go nothing to do except fight he threw a big shot and it landing it was all or nothing.

I just left for the first time in his career as a professional second porter shit nice body shot by really they don't solve the Body Snatcher for nothing I guess so Joshua Lacey Josh Berg on the Jennifer he's still not really using the gym I want to see that jab from Joshua he's a big man establish the length Josh has never been in a situation before.

He's never had to fight who's been to fight today yeah you don't want to lose control get on the jab do we got you here do I warned you that Olympic gold medal and he's been hard tonight there's another one those body shots the white got him with earlier both been shaken and they're both rigid their teeth have dug it out what around.

This has been Joshua I'm not looking good and his legs are clear and what continued to work ready Anthony Joshua is that all that smugness not right out of his face no grinning and leering now this became hard work in that last round for Anthony Joshua Josh was got on the jab here just.

Be rhythmic when I use that jab use the faints with it the way john-boy White was actually doing Paul now think Josh had cover for the second road thinking the job was done and that wasn't done in the got himself in trouble yet concentration is so important here that hip specialist who heavyweight division it's white look showing a bit of confidence here and he'll continue to.

Attack the body he sucked two or three really good left hooks in the midsection clearly hurt Joshua good man speed therefore while I'm mixing you shots it's not you don't have to put hurtful punches out every time to mix your shot to bury your offense you can have that trickery and keep the guy guessing see what he's doing trying to put a jab through the.

Stomach so Josh low lowers his hands and then put the right hand to the head is sucked up a lot of Joshua's best shops already and is still there one thing I don't like Joshua's doing is allowing white to be first constantly you you want to be first they use the jab first you know it's always white initiating that means look slow and can I have your leg good Joshua as I say.

He's never had to fight like this before and I wonder if all that kind of muscle bout his stuff yeah and I think he's working too much thinking of too much about throwing a big shot sometimes just use that jab see what it opens up for you use that jab right there you know maybe it'll open up the big shot eventually I think he's thinking too much about the big shot look at his.

Breathing guys his blood in past threes never worked up a sweat before he's being dragged into something here that is Dylan why that's doing the dragging at the moment just relax where this is going okay why keep this up another question we've never seen Josh will go this many rounds and so as the fight progresses will he keep his power.

Or will the towers diminish especially for the body shots but nothing even see him taking punches before looks amazing everything completely his own weird not tonight yeah and again and as the fight weighs out and he and he starts fatiguing and taking those body shots well his power be the same we'll find out oh you keep talking about the jab boy that's there.

For Dylan white all night because Joshua's head movement is non-existent yeah and it's also just keeping Joshua busy he's not able to set up his own offense if he's being jabbed that ain't gotta be defensive on the jab downstairs from Dylan why slash got a response though he gets it he's straight jab from Joshua as well but what grits.

His teeth soaks it up he's really in this thing already the longest fight Anthony Joshua's been in here what a fake these beanies helping to fight for survival every second a terrific effort from weight and Jonathan banks very animated in the white corner there's two step game is to stick with his even when he throws that jab it into Josh's a bit too stiff around for Anthony Joshua has.

Never been here Dillon white has once so they left I had to start with him Joshua with the power that joshua has it's more important for white to remain disciplined on his game plan you have the kind of power joshua has some time to be straight from the plain humble you'd like to see him status is claiming these punches mines better than this.

Road he's taylor is plenty non-existent in the previous road but this is better still hasn't got rid of white white is still nipping away at him I like what white just did there he didn't all punching he stepped in to Joshua's chest initiated the collection could back him up in the clinch that way he got himself off the ropes and he's keeping his channel of Harvey's ways he's been.

Caught maybe high in the head but not the chin Joshua started to try to get the timing on the jab and boy he's fine accountable top of the right hand we'll see if he eventually he finds the target I seen him fired a few times already the part of this is fun little bit easier for Joshua is that.

White has slowed down just try to launch an assault there that's a tall and counter Joshua was horribly short with his attack as well good luck there from Joshua Joshua but again white right back in Brotherhood did you see that right back in his face he doesn't want to give up that mental edge psychology of a fight so important.

Well why it hasn't gone as far as proving Josh's a fake they're gonna turn again a slip from the legs is just ripped it up just landed again pronouncing strengthen whites they can access better now exactly yeah these are the punches that josh has been milking people own birth weight taking them and he still in there and coming back that's what I mean is.

The rounds progress how will Joshua's power hold up I was the question well give the only white boy credit to with other Cheney whatever the result here pool in the gym I don't have your degree with this Dillon white is already shown enough to suggest he could well be a force he's still very young himself in the program Joshua.

Smart defend this way keeping the hands up getting the chin down taking the punches that you can't avoid on the forehead no it's close I'll stop how long will you keep Joshua in the ring the longer the longest fight of his career goals and that can play the mind games too you see what you see what kind of reactions you get from Anthony Joshua.

In a few seconds Phil and what into uncharted territory to new times over Bouldin again a punch on the balance upset Dylan Wow five round five how many people predicted we'd hear that tonight not many the bookies were convinced it was a Joshua win inside for all the ringside experts their bets have gone up in smoke.

Interesting what Carl Froch said earlier when he said he talked to Ansley Joshua got the sense that AJ wanted some rounds but I'm sure Carl would agree it didn't want him quite like this this is Tory this is tough and it's draining and it's white still on the offensive and still scoring .

that was a combination white was using jab his stomach right here to the head white felt it but again he's taken it Joshua slow methodical now yeah i think josh is getting the main back on the job i think emmalin who thought the job was done he was a little bit careless but i think though he knows he's clear of the stage of his career on the lane so he's.

Back - should about a discipline it and thinking what he's doing though yeah I think he sailed into the fact this bite wall go rounds so he's gotta maintain a game plan in this part that's much better he gave him Joshua terrific counters but certainly the notion that he can blast his way through Dylan white he's happy to pick his shots and he's.

Doing just that this is a really good round for Joshua yeah he's tightening his punches so much better than a couple of rounds ago this is a real good job he's doing though the top of his body language and he's released the fact that he was looking for an out guarding she's trying to be technical trying to win the rounds and see if they're least one out later at.

The fight well I thought two rounds ago four we talked about his body language looked terrible as you say he's refocused at least yeah I can re-engage himself chuckles you gotta make the adjustment that's part of fighting it all around a nice right here by Joshua that's part of fighting these Templar Brown fights you.

Know it's it's a top you gotta make adjustments on the fly it's a massive learning experience this for coping with it really is night I've had it easy tonight and it's been pretty easy for both of us far older by shot Joshua picking all the good shots at the moment white not throwing back months at all we talked about earlier in the fight out white was always first.

Joshua started to take the temple away from white and he's doing a good job of getting off the numbers of punches the white is breathing very very heavily now in a thing way is cannot volunteer to get to move by he's not been driven by the Joshua I think he's running off steam the body shows these had to take the powerful head shots is well they're different.

Lease after all of you but feel clear until what are sure he's put not here yeah well there's the kind of fight that is testing both guys mentally inviting both guys will come become better fighters off of an experience like tonight well I gotta be all over into I'm not alone so did David hey David we've been proved wrong Emily what do you make of it we definitely have until.

My has coming of a great game plan he's using his superior speed and he's pretty put it on that knee Joshua and this is the first time I've seen an assault and she's gotta take any flush off and then his leg to win a little bit fight holding it together and we're seeing him having to dig a little deep here so this is a written one professional boxing is all about trying.

To just better hit people and have people fall over Dylan white is putting some tests in front of him so far we passed the test but it's getting very very interesting I'm really looking enjoying and the fights unfolding now let's see what Andy Joshua comes out within a second half of the fight as in the first half taking through many other of the punches.

Punches a little slow let's see finally second win and push into the second half of the fight now thanks David opponent here he's back in business these days and who would have believed this round six Anthony Joshua as well at a store he's landed some terrific shots on Dillon white White has soaked it all up not to.

Buy himself a field but of damage weight cut I figure thought from Josh I made an adjustment that right hand he's getting underneath it now because before he was going straight back so I was either hitting him what I lose driving him back with a better job I'm not losing grounded the job you won't Hawaii Jeb's out of Josh's maintaining his business.

What he's able to counter back like that well josh is looking at that more comfortable than it was a couple of moons ago as well what you think laughs clobbers room was just wrapped by what you were saying white white is really struggling to land clean his knee yeah just keep the rings that you want some up a second ago.

White tried the same shot that hurt Josh going around to that catching that jet right right hand the Javan throwing a left hook but Joshua's mine of the ketchup for Joshua now these combinations are ripping through Dylan White's defenses again white soaking it all up now these were just cannot our lunches lift it weight was throwing there I think he's.

Really feeling the peace huge effort I think the body shots have knocked some of them as well Joshua took that one really well no distress flares well up with that right there and landed you what you wondered about Joshua's power and how that would just hold up calling you wonder what kind of power white is still carrying at this date and again Joshua finding it too easy to tag it at.

The moment commendable credit keeps firing back every time he does get tanked and look at this given I'll tell you what even if Joshua's not throwing the thunder and he was before he still boxing nicely in spots but every round this fight goes is testing both guys more more mentally either guys.

Guys gone this far and it's just they have to dig deeper and deeper even Joshua was weighing a fight with Josh so we'll find out it's pain to know today what the game is all of those everything's too much is unreal to know this is totally different he's haven't debate but ugly success he gets here okay - welcome to pro boxing boy yep and what are we finding out.

About Dillon white guys are we looking at a potential contender in this division I agree he's made a name for himself tonight no matter how this fight ends Joshua hardship again from Joshua what a good point this.

Is weh-weh somewhere tomorrow don't jinx it just yet oh yeah a long way to go but who would have believed this yeah do not adjust your set round seven we never asked for a scorecard from Jim what when Anthony Joshua is working there's our first one ever Joshua in control.

But far from comfortable we're only halfway through it's actually not accurate less good contacts that I've given wait they're two rows of thing where we get just that we are gonna get a good way to this obviously is this the break room why not get a whole .

Big one juncture looking to size him up gets it boy look at his eye no lands a right after his own responsive warrant he's in shape I tell you to get through all this stuff with easy shape Joshua I'm not letting it off the hook palette Buster having a close look now.

As long as white returns fire there's a slowly now so soon a lot of questions tonight and it was a brutal finish he Whitesell.

Taliesin still in some distress he thinks the face of all I know you trying to beat the count they've got the paramedics in there with the oxygen I think this is the fight has played he doesn't want to be on the floor well then just a precaution of giving in launching that was energy-sapping fate he has exhausted in his heart but the mantiques of doing the race.

But Phil accredited to the Joshua he took the horn whatever is needed what still on the floor that answers the question about whether Joshua was going to maintain his powers arounds progressing so we did it in resounding fashion the reception from a pack plain sailing tonight the buzz the hype that is building.

Around Anthony Joshua fight by just took another big leap forward what is 2016 going to bring for this thing white is on his feet being led back to his corner which is good to see yeah and such a grueling fate than the punished resistance is not quite there soon I mean way over the last couple of early as you can see wait he was.

Governor on earth he was busting I got disty and the Fate it wasn't really making any impression on Joshua but the ecology was shown and the toughness but but it was going against them and the night stage in this came the fate that the function is listens we've been on wait what it was we were doing a little bit stronger oh what a terrific ear thought before.

You get a real sense that meant so so much to Anthony Joshua credit to Dylan white what an effort what a performance I was entertaining spike I really was remember there was us there was a point there and I think the second round guys we'd thought hello are we are we in for a real big shock yeah Wayne had some really good boys in a second but Joshua answered some.

Questions he's gonna get those questions of course the more he goes up this fight in terms of the big picture will do his Korean no harm again let's have another look at the finish it was clinical sharpen it was a radium from the side as opposed to that one - straight right hand so that kind of surprised white they caught him the temple as well and quite often that is the punch the.

Toughest guys you've ever seen get cornea and it scrambles of limbs we see said it's an unorthodox shot usually the right hand comes straight he throws it from around the side and he's kind of shocked why didn't see it coming yeah but nice plant the same punch in the jaw mate drop me if it does that you can recover from it quickly but the side of the head they're not just gobbles it.

Brings and you don't recover from it and you never got the chance to recover from yeah Phil Claire did away caught with a grab the only doctor died then when the tapers wait you try to throw back but by that point and an exhausting fate I think had been knocked oh look and there's the finish of terrific yeah you can tell the way he went down he was lifeless right in front of us as.

Well it was a wicked shot to finish with a lot of pent-up frustration in that up but it just destroyed Dillon white the power the strength the energy when he finally fully got and talked toward Iran terrific finish from Georgia feel credible giving a lot of credit to wait obviously this is it go together did you're sure he's the man.

To come out and talk dead well had to be done well it's so good to see Joshua winning tuck rather winning easy isn't it we've had the easy wins we've enjoyed the highlight reel knockouts you really had to dig in here against an opponent who wanted it just as much as he did that's what it means to him for the record he adds the British heavyweight title to the coddled world.

Crown following the likes of Lennox Lewis will he follow big limits and become a world champion following in the footsteps of Tyson Fury as well that's for the future right now you can celebrate winning the British title on style belt there's a lot to reflect on from this night in the Joshua camp and for Dylan white you can certainly come again.

Ladies and gentlemen the end comes that a 1 minute 27 seconds around number 7 the winner by knockout victory now 15 and Oh 15 Kos and he is the unified Commonwealth and British heavyweight champion the fighting Joshua there goes the bounce Lord Lansdowne belt plays round the waist and I'm Shawn.

Absolutely delighted Anthony Joshua I relieved him anyways Anthony Joshua Dillon white and I don't think they embraced after the fight I'm not sure talk now and white is now leaving the ring as well so maybe this blood continued bad blood continues us to fumble away there's so many people in that ring ed Robinson I believe is in there somewhere goodness knows and if.

You're there good luck with trying to get near the new British champion Yancy just posing 15 photos I'm talking to Jonathan banks the trainer of Dillon whites and respect there I'll see if I can interrupt in a second Anthony congratulations what a way to win the British title whoa whoa whoa turn into a street fighter star lovely reception here lovely.

Cut that out instead yeah because it's a tough fight I made it tough for myself but that's what I need re much dealing because I need your experience he come out he gave me rounds I learned a lot and as I said now coming forward some mistakes are made in there I can't take to top level but that's why didn't was a perfect fight for this.

Stage you know there's no rush I don't know keep on building and building and building until I made my market he said we had to Google why did you fight such an emotional fight was it because of the rivalry from the amateurs in the build up it's not about the rivalry I just knew I had the strength to knock him out so I went for it when I swing her in the first round but you got a member from.

One to four they can soak it up and then I found my way from my ribbon listen to Mike ornament and as the rounds went on I saw a relaxing and then I saw certain shots that I could focus so an obvious rocks weren't working so something that's why it's good to have the talk around quite so I can perfect what I'm doing and at the same power I had in the first round in the apron that's what I.

Managed to get them our doubt at one stage great for you as you say getting those rounds you need that for your career but you did seem very stiff in the shoulders maybe loading up a bit too much early and then there was that melee off for the first round what's your take on that then there was the midday after the first round what she'll taking back to view hit him after the bell I don't.

Know it's a fight really so you're gonna keep on punching assist the star is pointing up eyes back so that's why the rest in there to break it up because we would have been quite in Phase six minutes of our no break but that's why we got a rare piece but I don't know who hit who after about as we say a great ending what did you prove this evening not much just that I've got.

A bridge title and I've done it for the people that come out tonight it's a big respect to everyone I believed in me it was tough but they believed in me I listen to my coach and it's just what I needed at this stage people say can you take a shot I took a couple of silly ones people say or can you go to rounds we went further than I've ever been and I still managed to get him out sir I.

Learned stuff about myself and I can tell you down to 2016 and everyone have a lovely Christmas thank you for coming out and go and say thank you were tagged in the second round with a lift that you recovered well but where you hurt is more to the fact that you're loading up that's all it is it's just a motion so if I can get here you're walking all over the place you get yourself back.

Together and you carry on doing what you're doing it's at all its art boksoon it happens you're getting hit by a sea of stone guys and just like keep your cool really that's all it was a balanced spin you get your balance but you keep them there there's no way that I'm going to lay them catch me with stupid shots .

That's the word of hard work no steroids like our friends talked about this is hard work yes oh you can see my family are happy but we've got to keep cool because it's a long road I'm just happy at the British title and no one to the next stage is a tough game shout out to my boy Luke Campbell Mitchell spike everyone who took part tonight I didn't.

Get the decision just go back to the drawing board and start again still then come to fight that's not the end of him well you got respect everyone but I'm going on to higher things now after I got rid of him - thank you again Dylan will you expect to take you so many shots no really no really what happens in 2016 with your career and anything in the promoter please I will do them Eddie.

What is the plan going forward well keep coming fill in the o2 with fans like this you know he's he's might be out to his home and tonight it got drawn into an emotional fire he had to show a lot of heart we know he's got the skill we know he's got a speed we know he looks like a million dollars but tonight they show these made it a hard stuff respect to Dylan Wyatt it brought here he gave.

Everyone great value for money tonight but the journey continues Francie Joshua and I believe 2016 will bring a world child shot but that was the fire that Anthony Joshua needed he needed he learned so much from him and the finish was absolutely devastating I'm a coming of age performance well you know what but any more Fire Island and Eddie Hearn I'll have a full.

Head of gray hair because we were we were sat on what was left at the edge of our seats from round one to two round seven you know tonight's been one of the best nights of books you know think I've been to in a long long time because all the face have been so competitive and that one it was the last fight but Wow still we didn't figure it could steal a show we thought all in the fight what.

We're gonna steal a show and this was just gonna be you know just run-of-the-mill win finally Joshua and yet it wasn't Dillian wait come there with so much hard so much Carrodus you know with with everything with brave we will courage and really took it to him come for a minute you're uh I'm a little bit I'm a little bit sad that he didn't give Dillion waste the respect he.

Deserved for coming out and really putting on a good performance Carl you know the character of Anthony Joshua were you worried at any point as around when Arlen as he looked a little avea because a few comments were this gas issue is to be shattered I always worry in heavyweight boxing because you're always one punch away from from disaster but what a great learning by that was.

For entity just sure it's been in there with somebody tonight who's who's put my answer questions and asked questions that we've not seen before who was firing back he got cornered the part he'd recovered well Joshua kept his composure and then he came back to do why I have to do whatever stain finish this was round one his explosive start and and that all of us and we thought.

You know what two rounds this is in the bank when he's fired open up and games to grips with him did Dylan I thought okay he's gonna be a regular run-of-the-mill opponent who's gonna get blasted out but Dylan start punching back with him and actually showed that he wasn't in there to pick up a check and as you can see here he's still grant through the bells rung he's.

In some real determination for the win you picked up on this because I gave him at least two minutes exactly speak and answer the Joshua's done this before he could pull mothers came in Johnson Jason Gavin leaves hitting after their Bell exactly what Dylan Wyatt did there was real smart he said looks terrible but he was smart because the referee gave most solid minute and beginning.

Their second round to have a brief up because he was out of breath he was tired so damn the warning he gave both fighters actually worked and didn't win favor gave gaber Anton Joshua a bit of complacency because then wanted it all after all this hassle and tribulation in the first Chinese seeking I've got this dropped his guard bum ya see him there.

In the ring between the round it got vastly brought under control which is what we like to see and yeah he took control then I mean Joshua into round 2 here Joshua he got caught of a shot and he was hurt and we've never seen him hurt although he was in control of the fight most of the way through well all the way through Ilya till he got caught you still worry if ever wanted to see.

But I didn't think we're gonna see it again still away now and I've got to say that David Haye had his hands over his eyes oh no no I was speaking there be the worst thing to happen for me in boxing but though Joshua to get knocked out here are the feel worried far so worried everyone it was worn up the pills at Hobart had an unbelievable night of boxing and a great Trinities.

Heavyweight fight because we've seen these we've seen these questions asked of Josh they left what they according flood his legs were doing an elusive dance he which means he's been hurt he manages to get through that and show that it's got the ingredients you need to become a world rocket that we're all saying is going to be and this is where they're worried from everybody came in.

We've got some people talking Frank Bruno do you thinking Anton Joshua's getting heavy leg he's been heard a nice quote he's stiffening up he's only gonna sit around all argue you wonder this wonderful physique that he's got that there that the muscles are taking up the oxygen because you know who you will tell you the truth what we were talking about you know he was stiff.

Enough he was starting to throw a weak left jab

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Jarrell Miller QUÁI THÚ Bất Bại Sắp Đấu Anthony Joshua Mạnh CỠ NÀO? - Quyền Anh Hạng Nặng

Jarrell Miller QUÁI THÚ Bất Bại Sắp Đấu Anthony Jo

How Anthony Joshua Brutally Destroyed His Opponents!

How Anthony Joshua Brutally Destroyed His Opponent

Anthony Joshua vs Alexander Povetkin Knockout / Александр Поветкин - Энтони Джошуа ПОЛНЫЙ БОЙ

Anthony Joshua vs Alexander Povetkin Knockout / Ал



Wilder vs Joshua: Who is hardest puncher?

Wilder vs Joshua: Who is hardest puncher?